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Listen, sing and learn
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25 children’s songs to encourage children to learn to speak Chinese in a fun and memorable way. All the songs are ones that are often sung by children in China in primary schools.

Each song is presented in two versions:

  • Music sheet with lyrics in Chinese pinyin and piano backing track
  • Lyrics sheet for use on interactive whiteboards, with Chinese characters, Chinese pinyin, English translation and native Chinese speaker singing the song in segments.

The resources come on a CD with a site license and include 25 interactive music sheets, 25 interactive lyrics sheets and teachers notes all as pdfs. Price: £45.00 + 4.99 p+p

To order please contact us through one of these channels:

e:info@softjuice.co.uk f:01455 284990 t:01455 289189

Softjuice, Tintisha Technologies,
Unit 4 Winston Avenue, Croft, Leicestershire LE9 3GQ

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  • Count ducks
  • Do re mi
  • Doll and bear dancing
  • Doll country
  • Find friends
  • Finish class song
  • Fist guessing song
  • Happy new year
  • I am a tiny bird
  • Lazy bone
  • Little bee
  • Little donkey
  • Little rabbit
  • Little red hat
  • Little swallow
  • Mother is good
  • One cent
  • Pekinese dog
  • Pulling radishes
  • Insects fly
  • Three little pigs
  • Twinkle twinkle little star
  • Two tigers
  • Weng weng weng
  • When we are together
  • Where is my friend
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  • one music notation sheet PDF file with pinyin lyrics and embeded piano background music.
  • one colorful simplified Chinese characters lyrics PDF file with English translation and recorded voice embedded.

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